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Production Suite

SIMATIC IT Production Suite fills the gap between Business Systems (typically ERPs) and Control Systems, allowing the conditions for an increase in the efficiency of the overall supply chain

Intelligence Suite

SIMATIC IT Intelligence Suite transforms and unifies real-time, historical and business data collected during production activities from single or multi-plant environments

R&D Suite

SIMATIC IT R&D Suite is a new paradigm on the market allowing companies to capitalize on their R&D potential and develop new products

Ease of Roll Out

Unified, Modular and Scalable solution

Embedded knowledge into Libraries

Native integration with Siemens PLM

Technological unification (Master data, GUI, messages...)

From data management to data intelligence

Agent-Based proactive Technical Support Service

Native integration with Siemens Shop Floor Automation

Industry Libraries 개요

Predefined solutions for specific manufacturing issues

Easy to reuse, easy to maintain, generating faster ROI

Features & Benefits

Bottom Up approach for point solutions; Top Down approach for functional unification across different plants

Easy to scale up by adding new libraries to an existing solution

Fast Return on Investments solutions and low Total Cost of Ownership of multiple-sites solutions

Improving manufacturing agility by timely and detailed management of manufacturing operations

Industry Libraries List

경기도 성남시 분당구 삼평동 618번지 판교우림W-CITY 608호 (주) 콘웰