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● What is Smart-Learning Batch Process Control (SLBC)?

Smart-Learning Batch Process Control (SLBC) is an advanced multivariable control technology for process optimization, designed to improve product quality and increase production volume in batch processes. SLBC learns from the process conditions and incorporates the learning results into the control system, maintaining an optimized state by responding to various process changes.

▷ Batch Process Control

In batch processes, it is necessary to track set-points that vary according to recipes. Applying PID control, which is typically used in continuous processes, is applied to batch processes, it can lead to unstable control such as delayed response or oscillations due to its broad control application range. To prevent this, multivariable control using models is applied, predicting control input values for set-point changes (feed forward) and providing feedback control for real-time disturbances, enabling more stable operation.

▷ Smart-Learning Batch Process Control

SLBC updates its model for batch process control through learning from operational data to maintain optimal operating conditions. Particularly, SLBC distinguishes between transient disturbances occurring once and disturbances entering with each batch iteration (classification), focusing its learning on the repetitive disturbances to prevent control errors caused by one-time disturbances.

● Expected Benefits of SLBC

- Compliance with Minimum Operating Time
Implementing SLBC can reduce batch operation times by over 40%, thereby significantly increasing production output.

- Maximization of Profitability through Improved Quality
 ≫ SLBC enhances profitability by producing high-quality products.
 ≫ Rapid stabilization of reactor temperatures
 ≫ Operation within the range of maximum profit
 ≫ Reduction of by-products
 ≫ Ensuring uniformity of product quality between batches
 ≫ Decrease in unreacted materials
 ≫ Minimization of downtime for product and grade changes
 ≫ Lower maintenance costs
 ≫ Reduction of production costs
 ≫ Easy operation and maintenance of the process

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