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iFIX is a proven scalable solution which can operate on a single node or? scale up to 200+ nodes

Although iFIX has the ability to connect to most any device via a third party OPC server, most major brands of PLC's do not require a third party OPC server because of iFIX's built in drivers

iFIX is completely hardware independent and provides the flexibility of communicating with multiple makes of hardware from a single server.

The new v5.0 Fluent Ribbon User Interface in the development 'WorkShop' environment enables you to deploy solutions faster then the competition

VBA Scripting enables easy connections to IT level systems and VBA is one of the most used computer languages in the world Out of the box, you get the best in class full featured SCADA system along with enhanced failover and historian integration that is simple to develop and easy to maintain

You can upgrade from previous iFIX versions with ease

E-signature functionality is the best in the business

1. Flexibility and reliability of connecting and presenting data

2. Scalability from isolated sensor to company-wide integration

3. Best in class information analysis

4. Real-time data management and control

5. Adherence to compliance and industry standards for improved consistency and quality

Version 5.0 includes many new features, including

Updated look and feel for faster development

Enhanced SCADA failover for increased reliability

Increased analytical capability through advanced graphics charts, SPC charts and logarithmic scale charts

Tighter and bundled Proficy Historian 100 Tag License to provide best-in-class data management

Increases awareness of operations through Alarm Display and Alarm Escalation enhancements.

Over 500 new pre-configured Graphic Objects

Expanded Discover and Auto Configuration tool for easy connectivity

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